The show

Biological anthropology is working to answer some pretty important questions about humans. The AnthroBiology Podcast aims to provide a platform for scientists doing interesting research to reach a non-academic audience.

Most of the shows are simple 1-on-1 interviews, but there will periodically be topic-based episodes that explore how different scientists are tackling a particular question in biological anthropology.

Andy Rinaldi of Tasker Morris Sounds edits the podcast.

The host

Gaby Lapera is an editor and storyteller who loves science, education, and the Oxford comma.

Although anthropology was her first true love, she realized that she didn’t have the constitution to duke it out in academia. She also likes eating and living in her own place, which is how she ended up trying to explain consumer finance to other people for a living.

She just can’t quit anthropology though, and now we’re here.

How to pitch an interview or a topic

If you’d like to be a guest on AnthroBiology or would like to suggest a topic, hit me up on my contact page, Instagram, or Twitter. I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Full list of episodes

To see all the episodes published, you can visit my page on LibSyn. Head to the Episodes page on this site for full show notes.