A Pause to Help and Change

13 Ways to Help

  1. Do the work to educate yourself. Don’t force other people to do the labor for you.
  2. Listen with an open heart and mind when someone tells you their story. Believe them.
  3. Examine your biases. Work to overcome them.
  4. Commit to being anti-racist. Tolerance isn’t enough. Don’t accept excuses for racist behavior.
  5. If you make a mistake, own up to it.
  6. Use your platform and privilege to spread knowledge.
  7. Seek out Black scholarship. Use it, teach it, elevate it.
  8. Donate
  9. March
  10. Buy from Black businesses
  11. Contact all your politicians from local to state to federal
  12. Register to vote AND vote in every election you can
  13. Take care of yourself


Bias training & Anti-racism

How to help

Defund the police

Scientists and academia



My commitments

  1. Mindfully select guests to ensure a diversity of voices are heard on the podcast
  2. Ask each guest questions about the following topics (depending on their areas of expertise):
    • The current state of diversity and inclusion in academia as a whole and biological anthropology in particular. How has it changed? How far do we have to go? What can individuals do to help?
    • Biological anthropology’s historic role in defining race and propagating racism. Biological anthropology’s current efforts to push back on racism.
    • Biological anthropology’s relationship with descendent communities and study populations.
    • Race determination and forensic anthropology.

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